Prasanna Nair Residence


Highlights: House in levels, Spatial Drama, Structural Innovation, Pavaratty Floor Finish, Bamboo Partitions, terracotta, Gond Art wall Paintings, jail Block Columns, Jali Skylights, basement Courtyard.

Story: The ‘Prasanna nairs residence’ is designed with the interest of identifying and promoting crafts. The house is a haven for traditional artistry with an additive of typical design elements like the expression of the long-established oxide flooring, and the bamboo based furniture. It also creates a large canvas for the creation and exhibition of Indian artworks.

The house is divided into three floors that are enriched, owing to visual continuity between all of them. The ground level contains two gardens, a social area dedicated to entertaining guests and also the home theatre room. As for the central garden court, the use of Indian screens of jallis, create an avid play of light both on the walls as well as on the floors and roof. This game between light and shadow moves throughout the house and enriches the volume.


Mr. Prem Kumar and Mrs. Prassanna Nair



Plot Size:

60’x 40’

Cost of Construction:

80 Lakhs

Awards & Publication:

ICI(BC) – Ultratech well-built residential building award, Bangalore Urban 2017

Design boom:

Best design residence interior 2015


Local crafts & Play of Lights