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Best Architecture Firm for Urban House Design

Mr.& Mrs.Kannan

An Urban House on a tight plot with a café and a dance studio on the ground floor. The upper floors being the residence, the experience is elevated with skylights lighting up the colorful interiors.

Best Farmhouse Design in Bangalore

Raghunath Ooty – Farmhouse

Raghunath Ooty - Farmhouse Farmhouse Home Designs Bangalore Essence: Harmonious composition and luminous Highlights: Hanging deck,stilt foundations,steep terrain Story: Located on a sloppy site, the site had a lovely rock formation at its epicenter, which also became the core of the design expression. Using the...
Residential Architect Firms in Bangalore

Prof. Raghavendra

Prof. Raghavendra Residential Architecture Firms Essence: Eco-sensitivity Highlights: Traditional look,rustic finish for flooring,combination of jalli and glass block to provide diffused light to the interior spaces Story: A residence which is built on a very tight site where the daylight is carefully channelled through the...